Haiku for The Mother

As I pray to Her.

I reach for both, uniting

heart and mind and breath.

Painting by J. Kirk Richard’s

It’s been nine days since an apostle of my church spoke of what we don’t know about Mother in Heaven and said that we don’t pray to her. But I do. It’s been an expression of my faith for years now. There is a tension between personal revelation (me and God) and church revelation (the church and its leader), and I hold both as flexibly as I can. In the case of prayer, God wins.

2021: Farewell to You and Bring on 2022

2021: Farewell to You and Bring on 2022

2021, you were supreme in unexpected unfolding. I anticipated you with great joy, having endured the influence of Donald Trump (who should not be named) and hoping for new beginnings, a clean slate and a clean-up of lies, prejudice, and hubris. But you, 2021, you dragged The Donald in with you, like manure on your 2020 boot. However, my friend, despite the chaos on January 6, and the aftermath of applying consequences to grown-ass slippery eels like Greene, Gosar, Brooks, and Trump, I learned a few things while you were around.

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Mother May I

Mother May I


breathing inward,

May I take one step forward?

Yes, you may.


reaching outward,

May I take one giant leap?

Yes, you may.


searching heaven and earth,

May I know You?

Tradition elbows my rib,

Serpentine history spins me around,

Vertiginous patriarchy pulls me from my place —

She grabs my hand,

Steadies my soul.

Excuse me, she warns the world,

Excuse me, she chides the church,

I’m speaking.

I feel Her mind

Gently on mine.

And yes, you may.

—- Lisa Phair Fluckiger 2.24.22

Art by Etta Kay

Water Divine

Water Divine

You can’t make water –

That Universal Solvent.

Boil it up

Rain it down

You can’t make it

Unless you create an explosion

Á la Hindenburg.


You can’t make water

Even though water

Makes up you. 

It’s the majority of brain and heart

The main ingredient of skin

Nearly the entire recipe of lungs

Even your bones are watery.


I can’t help seeing God in this.

Two moles H₂ (God)

One mole O₂ (me)

Me a little O²⁻

Covalently bonded to H⁺im and H⁺er

Eternal positivity

Holding us together


You can’t make this

But you are this

God and you. 


̴ Lisa Phair Fluckiger 4.29.2021

For all high school chemistry teachers, and particularly mine, Mrs. Elaine Kidd.