1 Nephi 1

1 Nephi 1

[This is my class outline for this lesson.  I find it is easier to teach from my phone and scriptures rather than pieces of paper.  Other LDS seminary teachers — how do you do it?]

Before class: Create a handout with the four purposes of the Book of Mormon.

  1. To show the great things the Lord has done
  2. Know the covenants
  3. You are not cast off forever
  4. Jesus Christ is the Savior. Jesus (HEB) = Salvation   Christ (GR) = The Anointed One.  His name literally means “salvation through the Anointed One).

On the white board: God is…

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Faith, Questions, and Sheep

Faith, Questions, and Sheep

As a tween in Sunday School Class, I debated the statistics of salvation with my teacher one morning.  It did not go well.

“Since only 10% of us will have eternal life with God…”

I raised my hand.  “Ten percent?  How do you know that?”

“Well…” Brother Jones hesitated, “…I’m just estimating.  It’s kind of like tithing.”

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What They Don’t Know

What They Don’t Know

As our son was preparing to leave for his mission in December, some people asked me how I was doing, with sympathy full in their voices.  That kind of surprised me — we have all been pretty excited for him.  HOWEVER, I get it.  I get it because there were a few days in November when his looming absence made everything extra special and I knew that I would miss him.  After a day of inquiries like, “Are you okay?” and, “How are you doing?”, I wrote a bit of a poem:

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I flip flop on New Year’s resolutions.  Some years they scare me, some years they call to me with hope, and sometimes on December 31st, I’m thinking…nah.  Last year and this year, however, the end of the year hollers at me: Do something! Be better!  Not in a negative way, but in a you’re-only-getting-older-and-you-only-get-one-life kind of a way.  I know it sounds pressured, but it feels exciting.

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Overview of the Book of Mormon, 2020

Overview of the Book of Mormon, 2020

Painting:  They Saw the Heavens Open by Walter Rane

Opener:  Reference recent current events here (CNN current events) for world news and here (The Good News Network – love this one!).

Question:  If you could go back in time twenty years, what would you warn people about? What good news could you tell them to expect? Turn and share with neighbor.  Short class discussion. 

Did you know that Moroni saw the future?  He saw our day.  What did he see?  Read Mormon 8:35-36 together, then turn and share what Moroni saw.  Walk around and listen, then ask a few to share with the class.

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the-ten-commandments-jen-norton (1)

This morning we had a seminary pancake breakfast for the first time.  All students seemed to enjoy it – who knew?  Heavenly Father knew.  I got the idea early Thursday morning – about 4 am – and that’s when good inspiration usually comes.  I gave it a shot, and it seemed to me that everyone enjoyed the time (and the pancakes).  One student asked if we could “do this every month.”  I think we will.

I followed breakfast with a lesson about the commandments.  We started with similes and objects to get the brains moving:

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Matthew 25: What is my talent and Why does it matter?


Matthew 25 has three parables, and the parable of the talents is inserted between two parables about preparation and service.

What is the purpose of our talents?

How do you find your talents?  Your spiritual gifts?

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